Expired Sassa Card Withdrawal Steps

You Can Withdraw from Expired Sassa Gold Card Until December 2023

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Did you know that You Can Withdraw from Expired Sassa Gold Card Until December 2023? Yes you can. Learn more about it here.

If your Sassa/Postbank Gold Card has expired, or will be expiring soon, you can still use your expired card until 31 December 2023.

Your expired card will still allow you to withdraw at ATMs, in-stores, do purchases as usual without paying any bank charges for first three transactions. There’s absolutely no need to switch to other banks.

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If you choose to withdraw your grant at retailers using the cardless withdrawal option, the process is illustrated below:
STEP 1: Take your cellphone device, ID number and Sassa/Postbank Gold Card PIN

STEP 2: Go to any of these retailers: Checkers, Shoprite, OK, Pick n Pay,

STEP 3: At the retailer, you will be asked to capture your ID number and cellphone number to validate
that you are the actual beneficiary or grant owner
STEP 4: A confirmation message (USSD) will be sent to the phone number you would have captured
USave, Boxer and other participating retailers
STEP 5: You will be asked to punch in your PIN (the same PIN you use to withdraw at ATMs)
STEP 6: The cashier will then give you your money.
Participating Retailers

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You can withdraw up to a maximum of R3000 per transaction.
Pick n Pay 20XER SHOPRITE Checkers Usave OK

How to Contact Sassa and Postbank

If you need further help contact us below:
SASSA Customer Care: 0800 60 10 11 | Grants Enquiries@sassa.gov.za
Postbank SA
www.postbank.co.za | postbank.enquiries@postbank.co.za
Customer Care 0800 53 54 55 WhatsApp 063 359 6061

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