Sassa Cards not Working on ATM

Why Sassa Cards not Working on ATMs | These are the Reasons

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Why Sassa Cards not Working on ATMs | These are the Reasons

Social grants recipients were left stranded after using several ATMs trying to withdraw their December social grants. The reciepients thought that it is another Sassa glitch as it happened previous. But it turns out that Sassa has shutdown ATM withdrawals for social grants due to criminal networks they are experiencing.

Update: Sassa Card and Payment System Restored

Sassa indicated that the criminals are targeting the Postbank, hence causing the glitches on grants payments.

The Reason Why Sassa Cards not Working on ATMs

“In recent months, Postbank has been experiencing a number of technical glitches that disrupted the smooth withdrawal of Social Assistance benefits. Following extensive investigations, we have uncovered a series of network attacks by criminal elements determined to commit systematic ATM card fraud-related crimes on Postbank payments using sophisticated modus operandi, which require further investigation.

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Postbank Suspends Gold Cards Withdrawals

“As a mitigating exercise, and in consultation with our partners following the resurgence of these criminal activities at the inception of the December payments, it has become necessary that Postbank suspends Sassa grants withdrawal at ATMs for those clients using the Postbank-issued Sassa gold cards.”

Beneficiaries may get their monies at retailers such as Shoprite, Checkers, Usave, Pick ‘n Pay and Boxer. They can also use their cards to pay for groceries at different retailers.

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Beneficiaries Concerned

But some people have been wondering if the Sassa Gold Cards are still wirking or not. Below Sassa clarifies why Sassa cards not Working on ATMs.

“Yoh I went to different banks too. Is it true that we have to change cards? I panicked and asked someone if she got hers and she said after last month she did new capitec and it goes to capitec” Said one of the recipients on Sassa News Facebook Page.

Sassa Assurance on Gold Card

Sassa said “We assure our customers that a dedicated team of professionals, assisted by experienced external experts as well as law enforcement agencies, has been assigned to deal with this challenge, and great progress has been made to close down all avenues used by these criminals”

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Question time

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