Where to collect Sassa Grants

Where to Collect Sassa Grants in South Africa

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Where to Collect Sassa Grants, find answers for this and more about social grants in South Africa.

Recently, a lot of Sassa beneficiaries experienced difficulties in withdrawing their funds using their Sassa cards. These have lead to people asking whether their cards are still working or not.

Sassa Cards not Working

Sassa and Post Office has reported that they were having difficulties in disbursing social grants for the month of November. Post Office has advised Sassa beneficiaries to go and withdraw their monies at ATMs and retailers. But that has not solved the problem since a lot of people were unable to withdraw their funds on either ATMs or tellers at retailers.

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The South African Social Security Agency has apologised for the inconveniences caused blaming it on the glitches of the system.

Where to collect Sassa Grants in South Africa?

You may collect your social grant at the retailers such as:

Pick n Pay

You can collect your social grant at Pick n Pay retailers across the country as cash back.

Boxer Superstores

You can collect your social grant at Boxer Superstores across the country as cash back as well.

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 South African Post Office

Post Office also payout social grants across the country but for the month of November they had some glitches and they advised social grants beneficiaries to withdraw at ATMs and retailers.

Collect your social grant at Shoprite

Currently, you cannot collect your social grant at Shoprite. Request a cash back when you are at the teller.

Question time

Have you been able to withdraw your Sassa grant this month? Have you faced some difficulties? Let us know on the comment section below for us to publish your thoughts.

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