Reinstate SRD R350 Grant

This is How to Reinstate SRD R350 Grant if Cancelled

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This is How to Reinstate SRD R350 Grant if Cancelled

You have cancelled your R350 grant but now you feel that you need it as your financial status has changed, the following are the steps to follow to reinstate your R350 Grant.

Before you get see the reinstatement steps, let’s first look at the reasons why one may cancel their R350 grant.   

Possible Reasons for one to Cancel R350 SRD Grant

Here are some of the reasons why people cancel their grants:


One may cancel their R350 grant as they get new employment. One of the requirements to apply for the grant is that one must not be earning monthly income exceeding R500. This may be a reason to cancel your SRD grant.

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Funded by NSFAS

If you have been approved and you are receiving NSFAS, you have to cancel the SRD grant as you no longer qualify for this grant.

UIF Registered

You may get a temporal employment or a learnership and your employer or training provider decides to register you for UIF benefits. You have to cancel the grant or Sassa may pick that up and disapprove and stop your grant payments.

Reinstate SRD R350 Grant [Step-by-step]

Step 1: Go to SRD Website:

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Step 2: Scroll down to Cancel my Application tab: Click reinstate my cancelled grant application

Step 3: Provide ID number and mobile number, then click send pin

Step 4: You will receive a message/ SMS with 6 digit OTP number

Step 5: Insert the OTP number and click verify pin

Step 6: Agree to terms and Conditions, Click reinstate my grant

Step 7: A message will pop up to ask if you are sure about the reinstatement of the grant.

Step 8: Click YES to continue with the reinstatement;

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Question time

Have you ever cancelled your R350 grant? If yes, what was the reason?


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