Sassa Payment Dates for May 2023

These Are Sassa Payment Dates for May 2023

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Sassa beneficiaries are looking forward to getting their next payment which is May payments. On this article, we share with you Sassa payment dates for May 2023.

Social Grant Means for Survival

Social grants are for most people the only means of survival for many. Some do appreciate getting this assistance from the South African government but some also feel that the money if just little. With rising cost of just about anything, one couldn’t argue more.

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Types of Social Assistance in South Africa

The South African Government provides social assistance for the needy people. These comes in a form of social grants administered by the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA). There are various form of grants which include old age grant, child support grant, disability grant and many more.

Social Relief of Distress Grant

In addition to this, the government has also introduced the Social Relief of Distress Grant for COVID-19 from 2020. Beneficiaries of this grant receives R350 every month. The current cycle of this grant is scheduled to run until end of March 2024.

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Sassa Payment Dates for May 2023

The following table outlines the SASSA grant payment dates for May 2023

Type of GrantPayment Date for May
Old Age Pension Grant4th May, 2023
Disability Grants5th May, 2023
Child Support Grant and all other grants6th May, 2023
Social grant payment dates for May 2023

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