SRD Updates Require Face Recognition for verification

SRD Updates will now Require Facial Recognition for Identity Verification

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SRD Updates will now Require Facial Recognition for Identity Verification

The Social Security Agency (SASSA) is gearing up their security on the Social Relief of Distress Grant. The agency has recently announced that SRD clients who needs to update certain information on their applications will be required to be verified using facial recognition technology.

Sassa SRD Updates on Facial Recognition

COVID-19 SRD clients who require any of the services listed below will be required to undergo identity verification through facial recognition:

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• Clearing of a referred status

• Clients who have selected a Postbank account to be opened on their behalf

• Clients wishing to update their mobile number

• Clients requesting to be paid via the cash send method

How is it going to be implemented?

Sassa further explains how the process will unfold. “Clients will receive two SMSes from SASSA, please click on the link provided on the second SMS (Kindly note that this link is only valid for 3 days/ 72 hours)”

The Sassa Recent Announcement

How to Contact Sassa?

Here is the SASSA Call Centre number 0800 60 10 11 where you can request the SMS to be sent for updates.

Question Time

How do you feel about this? Do you think it will help to protect your details? Let us know on the comment section below for us to publish your thoughts.

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