Sassa Scam Alert January 2023

Sassa Scam Alert January 2023

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It is just the beginning of the year and the social grants administration agency, Sassa is warning you about potential scams. Sassa has just published a warning messages on their socials to alert their beneficiaries about fake or false information in their name.

Sassa Scam Alert Message

Sassa “Please be aware of the below fake news. SASSA does not offer such a grant. We urge our beneficiaries to protect their personal details. DO NOT share YOUR ID NUMBERS WITH strangers.”

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The following image accompanies the message on the official Sassa News Facebook Page:

The message claims that there is a ‘Sassa R700 Grant’ of which more than 55 000 people have already accessed it. The suspicios message also claim that those between the ages of 18-65 years can apply.

Sassa has distanced themselves with such message and said it does not come from them.

Question time

What suspicious messages have you seen on social media? What did you do about it?

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