Sassa Reminds SRD Beneficiaries Not to Repeatedly Change Banking Details

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Sassa, the agency responsible for administration of the Social Relief of Distress Grant and many other grants reminded their SRD beneficiaries not to repeatedly change their banking details.

The agency said that this may cause delay in payments as the new account needs to be verified.

Sassa Announcement

Sassa said “Clients are urged not to repeatedly change their bank details on the SRD website, as the account will have to be verified each time a change is made- which may delay payment for such client”

What are other Causes of Delay in SRD Payments?

The following are some of the causes of delay for the SRD payments:

Incorrect name and or surname

If the details of the client on the SRD system are not matching the details on the Home Affairs database, this may cause a delay in payment. Beneficiaries need to enter the correct particulars on the SRD system.

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Incorrect Banking Details

The same for banking details, if the banking details are incorrect, Sassa will not be able to process the funds for the beneficiary. Clients have to make sure that their banking details are correct on the system.

How to submit your banking details to Sassa?

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Scroll down to where you will find a yellow bar written “How do I change my banking details”.

Step 3: Under that bar, enter your ID number used during application for the grant and hit “Submit”  

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Step 4: Check your phone for SMS from Sassa. An SMS containing a secure link, unique to you, will be sent to the mobile phone number with which you registered during application.

Step 5: Click on the link in the SMS and follow the instructions carefully.

Step 6: Enter ID Number and hit “Submit” again. Now you should be able to see your current payment option.  Do nothing if you don’t want to change those details.

Step 7: To change details, scroll down and click “Capture Own Bank Account”. Select your bank name, branch number, account type and enter your account number on the last block provided and hit “submit”.

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Sassa will then review your new account and further payments may be made through the new account.

Question time

Has your payment been delayed? What do you think was the problem or what did Sassa say about that?


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