Sassa Card Changes 2022 Clarity

Sassa Clarity on Sassa Card Changes 2022

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Sassa Clarity on Sassa Card Changes 2022

Sassa is cautioning beneficiaries about rumors that Sassa cards are being replaced. Recently, there were glitches on the Sassa system leading to some beneficiaries not receiving their November social grants on time.

False Media Messages

There were many social media reports suggesting that Sassa cards are being discontinued and are to be renewed. But that is not the case; Sassa has now issued a communication to clarify these rumors on Sassa card changes 2022.

Sassa Clarity on Sassa Card Changes 2022

The agency said in their pamphlet on their social pages: “Social media reports that the gold SASSA card is being replaced have sparked concerns within the organisation and caused panic among grant recipients”

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They further continued and said “The SASSA gold card remains valid and acceptable on the National Payment System, this includes ATMs and retailers”

About Payment for December

Sassa said that “Messages on social media that grant recipients will not receive their grants payment in December if they have not changed their cards are false”

Official Sassa Communication

The agency warned the beneficiaries that “Any changes on the payment of social grants will be communicated through official SASSA social media platforms, through media and by SASSA officials and not through personal social media accounts or voice notes from unknown people”

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More about Sassa Gold Cards

The SASSA gold card allows you free transactions at STMs and retailers, no bank charges for the first three transactions and protection from illegal deductions.

Discussion time

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Discussion time

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