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SASSA approval process explained for the R350 Social Relief of Distress Grant (SRD).

Sassa Approval Process Explained

Applicants should be aware that if their application is still pending, it means it has not yet been verified. For the client to receive their payment for a specific month, the SRD application has to be approved for the particular month.

What Does Sassa Verifies for SRD Grant?

“Applicants should be aware that the agency not only verifies banking information, but it also verifies citizenship with the Department of Home Affairs and employment and labour to determine whether the person is UIF [Unemployment Insurance Fund] registered or not.”

“If the verification of the above-mentioned requirements has not yet been completed, the status will be ‘pending’.” SASSA will approve the application and update the status to ‘approved’ once the applicant has successfully passed all verification, according to SASSA. Now read: What to do about SRD pending status.

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Approved But No Payment! What Could Be the Cause?

One of the reasons why beneficiaries do not receive the R350 grant after approval is that they have not provided banking details but only choose the name of the bank where they want to receive the grant. For you to receive your SRD payment if you have chosen bank account as a method of payment, you need to add or update banking details on SRD platform.

You are always reminded to double-check your personal information to ensure that they are correct and that the grant is delivered to the correct person.

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How to Update other Details For SRD Grant

If your details such as phone number or surname has changed, you may update it on the SRD portal so that it matches the current personal details. Here is how to update SRD details online.

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