SASSA and Post Bank Apologies for Payment Glitches

Sassa and Post Office Apologies for Payment Glitches

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Sassa and Post Office Apologies for Payment Glitches

The CEO of Post Bank and the Executive Manager for Grants Administration at Sassa made a joint statement to apologies for the inconvenience caused by some glitches which lead to most beneficiaries not receiving their grant on time.

SAPO Apology

The South African Post Office last week apologies for the glitches on their side and referred social grants beneficiaries to withdraw their funds at retailers and ATMs. However, the problem escalated to the retailers and ATMs as well. Some of the beneficiaries found that their Sassa cards were not working at ATMs. Many Sassa Grants beneficiaries were unable to get their funds over the weekend.

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By Tuesday 8 November morning; some of the Sassa beneficiaries were still complaining that they have not yet received their monies.

Sassa Beneficiaries Frustrations

One of the clients commenting of the Sassa Facebok page said “It is now Tuesday 8 Nov 6am – STILL NO care dependency grant received and the only communication from SASSA and Post Bank is that they are working on the glitches in the next couple or days.

This is unacceptable and ridiculous we can’t get funds from the ATMs, retailers nor post office. They need to sort this out!”

Sassa Cards Not Working

The Post Bank CEO has confirmed that the Sassa cards are still working but they advised grants clients to explore other ways to withdraw their funds. Facilities such as retailers and ATMs were some of the options he mentioned.

“I would like to confirm that our Sassa cards are still working” The Post Bank CEO said.

By the time they issued the statement, it was indicated that over 96% on payments have been processed.

Jointly, Sassa and SA Post Bank apologised for the inconvenience caused by the glitches and said thay are working to resolve the problem.

SASSA and Post Bank Apologies for Social Grants payment glitches, Source : Sassa/YouTube

Question time

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