January Sassa Payment Dates 2023

January Sassa Payment Dates 2023

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January Sassa Payment Dates 2023

Every month, many South Africans receive social grants from the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA). Sassa is an entity of the Department of Social Development in South Africa responsible for among other things, administration and disbursement of social grants.

January Sassa Payment Dates 2023

January Sassa payment dates 2023 here. Sassa grant beneficiaries can now know when will be their next payment dates. January 2023, being the upcoming month for the next instalment of the grant, beneficiaries may now be asking when they will get their payments for January 2023. We have the payment schedule for Sassa social grant payments for early 2023.

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Here are the January 2023 Pay Dates for social grants in South Africa:

Payments for January will start early as the third day of the month is on weekday. Here below is the payment schedule for January 2023.

MonthOlder Pension GrantDisability GrantChild Support Grant
January 202303 January 202304 January 202305 January 2023

Older pension Grant 03 January 2023

Disability Grant 04 January 2023

Child Support grant 05 January 2023

Why is it important to know October Sassa Payment Dates?

Knowing Sassa payment dates for the next month will save clients travelling money going to town to withdraw monies on wrong pay dates. When you know the social grants payment dates, you can only go to withdraw your money knowing that the money is already in your card.

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One may also be able to budget their monies accordingly as they know when will be their next payment date.

How to Get Social Grants?


As a Sassa card holder, you may use your card to withdraw money at any ATM as the Sassa card is a debit card.


You may also withdraw your money at retailers teller machines. Most retailers allows Sassa beneficiaries to get ‘cash back’ from tellers.

December STM Withdrawal Suspension

Postbank has recently suspended Sassa Gold Cards withdrawal at ATM after discovering networks of criminal activities. That means, Sassa cards holders cannot withdraw their monies at ATMs. They are advised to go and withdraw at retailers as cash backs for December.

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