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How to check SRD Payment Dates for December 2022

Before you find check your SRD payment dates for December, let us go through some important info about the SRD Grant.

Sassa status check for R350 payment dates for the SRD Grant can be viewed on the Sassa website. As SRD beneficiary you have to constantly check your SRD status to see whether it is approved or not for the month in question.

How to do Sassa Status Check?

For Sassa status check, firstly you have to visit the Sassa SRD website. When you are on the website, scroll down to a section labelled ‘Application status’.

Click on ‘Click here to check online’

A new page will open with a bar where you have to enter your details.

Enter your ID number on the first bar.

Enter you cellphone number used when registering on the SRD system.

Tap or hit the ‘Submit’ button.

You will then be able to see your status on your screen.

You may also go directly to this link: Click on this URL for Sassa Status Check now.

How do I check SRD Payment Dates for December 2022

If your status says ‘Approved” you will be able to see your payment date for December or any month under the approved status.

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Type of Status you may see and what they mean

Awaiting reapplication

If you see this status, it means you have not yet reapplied for SRD grant for the current cycle. If you still need the grant, you have to resubmit your application to Sassa. Go back to the SRD website home page. Scroll to a section marked ‘How do I apply for this grant’ Click on ‘Click here to apply’ or use the WhatsApp number provided to send your application to Sassa.

Application complete

The first status if your application is correctly filled will be ‘Application complete’. Application complete means that you have completed the reapplication process and your application will be verified each month for the SRD R350 grant.

What to do about ‘Application complete’ status?

All you need to do now is to check your verification and payment status each month on the Sassa SRD website.

Bank details pending

This means that an application or reapplication was received, but no banking details or preferences were received.

What to do about ‘Bank details pending’ status?

You must submit your banking details via the SRD website. Here are the full details on how to submit banking details to Sassa.

Reapplication pending

When your grant status says ‘Reapplication pending’ it means that no re-application has been received by Sassa.

What to do about ‘Reapplication pending’ status?

You must submit an application via the website or WhatsApp line if open for applications.

Sassa Status Pending

If your grant Sassa status says ‘pending’ for a certain month it means re-application was successfully received. Verification of the application for the period is pending for that month. For example, if you check your grant status in May and it shows ‘pending’ it means that your application has not yet been verified for the month of May. The status will change as soon as the verification has been completed.

What to do about ‘pending’ grant status?

You have to check back the status later in the month for an update.


This means that the application was approved for that month.

What to do about ‘approved’ grant status?

The client should check the pay day field for an indication of when they will receive their money. If no pay day value is provided, no payment has been processed as yet.

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The application was declined for the period and the reason will be provided.

What to do about ‘declined’ status?

You can submit a request for reconsideration via the website, should you feel that the reason for decline is invalid.

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This means that the grant is cancelled.

What to do about ‘cancelled’ grant status?

If you wish to reinstate the grant, it can be done on the website.

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