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How They Started Business with Sassa SRD Money

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These Northern Cape sisters saved their Sassa SRD money to start a poultry farming. Watch their full story below and learn how you can do the same.

How Sisters Started Poulty Farming with SRD Grants

Patience and hard word always pays off. The Khumalo sisters started a poultry farm by saving their Sassa SRD grants together until it reaches R5000. They were also fortunate that their father had an unused house to shelter their chickens. They are selling their chickens locally and to the nearby farm.

Similar Stories

Earlier, Sassa also published a story of a young woman who started street meal business in Limpopo. She cooks pap meat and veggies and sell to the locals on one of the busy streets in Vondwe. Her meals sells for up to R60 per plate.

She indicated that on an average day, she can make up to R300. But on good days, she can make up to R500 per day.

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Have you been motivated by these stories? What type of business do you wish to start with your SRD grant money? Let us know on the comment section below and we will publish your comment after review.

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