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This is about Sassa Child Support Grant Top Up

On this post, we outline in details what is Child Support Grant Top Up. Recently, the Minister of Social Development has addressed the media about Child Support Grant Top Up. Let’s go into details who qualifies for this grant and some of the updates from the minister address.

The Extended Child Support Grant or Top up

Sassa has recently amended the Social Assistant Act which enables orphans and vulnerable children to benefit more as they previously did. The benefits come as a top up for the Child Support Grant called Extended Child Support Grant.

Social Assistant Act

The Social Assistance Amendment Act specifically seeks amongst others to make provision for additional payments linked to social grants which includes the implementation of the extended Child Support Grant (CSG) policy for orphans in the care of relatives (CSG Top-Up).

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More about this grant

Child Support Grant Top Up: Where an orphan (child whose parents are both deceased) is cared for by a family member, that family member may qualify for an extended child support grant (CSG top up). This will entail an additional amount added to the child support grant for the care giver.

“Remember the CSG top up is not a new grant therefore the criteria is the same as the CSG. The only addition is that the child must be an orphan and an affidavit with such information must be provided. There is no new criteria” Social Development Media Briefing.

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Purpose of this grant

The purpose of the extended child support grant is to prevent children without parents having to go through the foster care system purely for reasons of financial support.

Watch: Minister of Social Development explaning more about Child Support Grant Top Up. Source: YouTube/Sassa

Application Requirements for this grant

The application requirements are the same as for a child support grant, with the following additions:

Death certificates for both parents,

or death certificate for primary parent with affidavit confirming that the whereabouts of the remaining parent are unknown and that he/she plays no role in the child’s life.

Child Support Grant Top Up Leaflet

How much is Top Up Child Grant?

This policy intervention empowers the Minister of Social Development, in concurrence with the Minister of Finance, to make provision for a top up of 50% more on the child support grant for orphans in the care of relatives who are eligible for the CSG. These children will receive their basic CSG which is currently R480 plus an additional amount of R240 (50% of the basic CSG), bringing the total amount to R720.

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Question time

Are you happy with the R240 top-up for Extended Child Support Grant?

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